LeBron James and Kevin Durant Talk Pressure, All-Star Game, and Trump

Lebron James and Kevin Durant

LeBron James and Kevin Durant joined forces the night before the Cavs and the Warriors last regular season matchup to discuss everything from sports to politics. Interviewed by Cari Champion, the duo — accustomed to being rivals throughout their career — connected before playing on the same team in the upcoming All-Star game.

Specific topics included the pressure the two felt during their younger years as well known players during their respective high school careers, how they’re planning to step up the quality of the All-Star game, life under Donald Trump and how they’ve adapted and grown as players and people. There’s also a section when they ask each other questions, with Durant asking how James is dealing with fatherhood amongst other things, which you can watch in full in the video above.

c/o Hypebeast

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