Florida Vipers “Super Showcase” Part 2

Part 2

It’s that time of year again, where travel basketball is King! R.M.F. Magazine will cover a couple of events throughout South Florida this summer and throughout the state of Florida. First stop The Florida Vipers “Super Showcase” in Deerfield Beach. The Viper Pit as it’s been called is equipped with six full courts that were loaded with talent from third grade (9U) to eleventh grade (17U).
Florida Vipers Owner/Coach Brandon McThay but together a talented group of organizations to compete throughout the weekend. We took a few minutes to speak with McThay about the “Super Showcase”.  He expressed the need for South Florida to have these types of events for competition, exposure and to educate South Florida parents on what a quality event should be like. McThay didn’t disappoint with the amount of competitive games that were taking place.


First Glance:


2020 (9th Grade) Leonard Manual (Vanguard High/Thunderstruck) Guard (6’5)

At first glance you can’t help but think that Manual would be better served on the grid iron, but throughout the weekend he showed that he is a SPECIAL ATHLETE on the court.  Manual was impressive on both sides of the court.  Looking forward to seeing this young man develop to being a complete all round player.

Respect Factor: athletic, creative in the open court, finishes with contact, versatile scorer, Big guard, high level athlete, strong body, solid rebounder, completes on both ends, explosive

Leonard Manual 2020 Vanguard


2019 (10th Grade) Jordan Hamburger (Miami Palmetto/Runnin’ Rebels) Guard (5’9)

When you hear the name Jordan Hamburger don’t think of the hamburglar from McDonald’s “go ahead and laugh now”.  Now that you got that out of your system, we can move forward.  Hamburger is a bulls-eye shooter.  As they say “Hand down, Man down” SLASH .  He is undersized as a two guard but makes up for it with his shooting ability.  He can really make shots.

Respect Factor: shot maker, tough, defends, good feel for the game, leadership qualities, good athlete, has the ability to play the point.

Jordan Hambruger 2019 Palmetto


2020 (9th Grade) Scottie Barnes (Cardinal Newman/Thunderstruck) Forward (6’7)

One of the top freshmen in South Florida didn’t disappoint.  Scottie Barnes is a PROBLEM!  Barnes used his length and ability to handle the ball to create mismatches all weekend.  The combination of length, size, athleticism and IQ is scary.  As Barnes continues to get better he arguably will be one of the nation’s best.

Respect Factor:  length, athleticism, get to the rim, solid ball handler, explosive in the open court, sees the floor, more than capable passer for his size, slasher, ability to go rim to rim with the ball.

Scotty Barnes 2020


2018 (11th Grade) Mike Starks (Miami Palmetto/Runnin’ Rebels) Point Guard (6’0)

Starks is a hard nose guard that will defend and run your team as good as any point guard we saw this weekend.   Starks is more of a defensive guard at the moment.

Respect Factor: High IQ, heady, excellent perimeter defender, capable of knocking down open shots, strong, tenacious, charismatic

Mike Starks 2018 Palmetto


2018 (11th Grade) Noah Louis (Coral Reef/Coral Reef) Forward (6’8)

Noah Louis had a solid weekend, showed his ability to block shots, rebound and score around the basket with contact.  Louis has potential to be a high level shot blocker and rebounder.

Respect Factor: long, shot blocker, solid rebounder, good feel around basket, still raw all around.

Noah Louis 2018 Coral Reef


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