Celebrate Vince Carter’s 40th Birthday By Watching 40 of His Dunks You Probably Never Seen

Vince Carter

Forever Half-Man-Half-Amazing.

Vince Carter is celebrating his 40th birthday today after a night in which he turned back the clock by scoring two of his seven points on a clean, 360-layup. It was quite endearing to see Vinsanity flash signs of his 40-plus-inch vertical, or what’s left of it for that matter, and then reality set in: Half-Man-Half-Amazing is a mere mortal these days (queue Vince’s “It’s Over” gif).

Nevertheless, the 19-year veteran is arguably the greatest dunker, finisher, leaper, or however you’d like to phrase it, of all time. But we’ve all seen many of his famous dunks, and there are many, over and over again. Take his Olympic slam for example — the one in which he literally jumps over a seven-footer from France. It’s not possible to watch that dunk just once, no matter how many times you’ve seen it. If it pops up on your newsfeed, you’ll spend a few minutes analyzing its physics and probability, or lack there off.

Thanks to the NBA however, we got some new VC footage to obsess over. The League compile 40 dunks you may have not seen before, mostly from celebrity charity games and pregame warm-ups. Some you’ve seen from Vince elsewhere and others, like the plethora of alleys, including a handful from Allen Iverson, will take you on a trip down memory lane. Just don’t stay under the rim too long.

c/o Hypebeast

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